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Why Choose DEI Recruiting and Consulting?

Companies that want the benefits of a diverse team need a niche recruiting firm.

Diversity is our core mission as a business and a passion for the individuals running the company. Other recruitment firms tend to treat diversity as a sideshow whereas it is our whole purpose.

As a recruiter openly and proudly committed to diversity, we have the greatest capacity to attract individuals from many backgrounds and earn their trust. Our strength in this regard translates into a sizable pool of qualified candidates for your consideration.

We put sincere and strategic efforts into meeting the goals of all clients so that they can enjoy the transformative advantages of diverse workforces.

Improved Profitability

Diversity really is about dollars. Our clients are in business and want to earn profits, and diversity contributes to that objective in a big way. Research indicates that companies with diverse staff have cash flows 2.3 times greater than less diverse organizations. Diversity throughout a company's ranks drives up the chances of winning new markets by 70%.

Improved Retention

Keeping employees from quitting saves money over the long term and promotes competency throughout operations. Diversity aids employee retention by helping everyone feel wanted and valued. A workforce free of in-groups and out-groups presents an environment where a person can feel secure and able to succeed on the basis of merit.

Improved Employee Morale

Similar to how diversity reduces turnover, the sense of inclusion and acceptance improves morale. Working for a company that embraces diversity helps people feel safe. They do not feel like they have to hide or downplay basic aspects of their identities.

Improved Brand Recognition

People judge your business by its products and services AND your workforce. The people who work for you are literally the face of the company. When you present a diverse picture to the world, public opinion reflects positively on your brand. People will view your company as willing to treat everyone fairly.

Why Choose DEI Recruiting and Consulting?

Successful recruiting, especially for diversity and inclusion, depends on the relationship between the recruiter and the client.

We invest ourselves in learning who you are and what you need. Only in this way can we fulfill your needs and find job candidates who are the right fit for your organization. We build relationships by being an organization worthy of trust. We model the values that we espouse by holding ourselves to high standards.


First and foremost, we build trust with clients and job candidates by listening.


After listening comes communication. We bring together what each party needs while promoting diversity.


Dependability matters throughout this process because everyone can rely on us to do the utmost to produce ideal matches between candidates and employers.


We make all of this possible with accountability. We constantly evaluate our performance, analyze feedback, and measure results according to the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

CLIENTS Services

Small to medium-sized businesses make huge contributions to the U.S. economy and worldwide.

A 2019 report from the U.S. Small Business Administration attributed two-thirds of new jobs to smaller companies. This creates a vast opportunity to improve diversity hiring, but SMBs have few options for assistance in this arena. DEI Recruiting and Consulting corrects that lack of support because we specifically partner with SMBs, unlike other recruiting firms that only target large corporations.

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Diversity Is Your Company's Future

Diversity-focused hiring requires extending the reach of your job postings. Most companies need more than a desire to hire diverse candidates because they can't connect with them in the first place. Partnering with a recruiter that knows how to attract people from all backgrounds will make the difference. To take your company into the future, contact DEI Recruiting and Consulting today.

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