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About Us

DEI Recruiting & Consulting approaches diversity in the workplace from all angles and helps both businesses and qualified candidates find their rightful place in the modern workforce.


Our DEI team will partner with companies and candidates to create a diverse workforce that mirrors the community they serve.


To create a business environment that allows for underrepresented people of diverse backgrounds to equally contribute and achieve personal, professional, and financial success.


  • Mentor and champion underrepresented people of diversity
  • Be present, listen, and connect with truth and courage
  • Nurture and inspire to create a positive difference one person at a time
  • Be active in our communities
  • Treat with dignity and respect our DEI staff as “partners” in our firm
  • Model pay transparency
If you’re a leader of a small or medium business that is ready to improve how it hires and retains diversity candidates, DEI Recruiting & Consulting is here to help. Our team of diverse leaders has the experience and compassion to help both businesses and individuals seeking employment make the most of the hiring process.
Equal Contribution and Success

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are three qualities that every modern business needs in order to watch its goals come to fruition.

Most business leaders know that a diverse workforce is a key to success. Diverse workforces drive efficiency, profitability, retention, and brand identity

At DEI Recruiting & Consulting, our team of consulting professionals helps the small to medium-sized businesses we work with create a business environment that allows for marginalized people of diversity to thrive.

We understand that businesses often struggle in their ability to find and hire diverse candidates. That’s why we’ve put our sole focus into making the diverse workforce our passion. We help your business become a workplace of equal contribution, personal achievement, professional, and financial success.


Michelle Jolivet founded DEI Recruiting and Consulting after 30 years in the corporate world. She watched in frustration the lack of opportunity for the underrepresented people of diversity to reach their full potential and decided it was time to be a champion for change.

“I would often look around the table in the leadership meetings, and I would be the only woman in the room, and I would not see a single person of color.  Many companies did not create an inclusive climate in which people in the LGBTQ or disabled communities felt that they could be their authentic selves.  My goal is the help small, and medium businesses understand the unconscious bias that impacts their ability to attract, retain, and promote a diverse workforce or leadership team."

"I started DEI Recruiting and Consulting because I would often hear from hiring managers that they would like to hire diversity, but they can’t find any qualified diverse candidates for open positions. DEI Recruiting and Consulting will create a robust pool of diverse candidates that can be placed with companies that authentically value true diversity, equity, and inclusion.  For my grandson, I would like to leave the workplace a better place than I found it.”

Michelle Jolivet

Michelle is the Founder and Managing Director of DEI Recruiting and Consulting.  Michelle has over 30 years of experience in the corporate world in various leadership positions, including Division Manager of an executive recruiting firm.  She has a BA in Business from the University of North Texas, an Associate’s degree in Communication from Community College of the Air Force, a Diversity and Inclusion certification from Cornell University, a Professional of Human Resources (PHR) certification, and a Green Belt certification in Six Sigma.

Michelle is a US Air Force veteran. She received multiple awards, including a top graduate of the NCO Academy, top Airman of the base, Levitow Leadership award from her peers, and two Commendation Medals of excellence.  

Michelle is a proud native of the great state of Texas and resides in Dallas with her wife and grandson, where she never gets enough time to play golf.

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Belinda Jolivet

Belinda Jolivet is the co-owner of DEI Recruiting and Consulting.  Belinda has over 30 years of experience in the legal and medical fields.  She has a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Texas Women’s University, Paralegal certification from Boston College, and Paralegal certification from the South-Eastern Paralegal Institute of Dallas. Belinda is originally from Galveston but now resides in the Dallas area.   Belinda loves the beach, the Dallas Cowboys, and the Dallas Mavericks.

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Torrey Jordan

Torrey Jordan is a VP, Executive Recruiter. She has a love for Recruiting and a passion for DEI. With 18 years of Global Recruiting and 11 years of DEI strategic planning and program management, Torrey has been instrumental in imparting understanding & gaining support of DEI initiatives to enmesh equity and inclusion into organizations’ culture. 

As an Executive Recruiter and a DEI Champion, Torrey’s key responsibilities have been to create and implement recruitment roadmaps, produce process & procedures and build strategic external partnerships to ensure success in achieving maximum DEI candidate traction and engagement.

Torrey holds a Juris Doctor from Texas Wesleyan University School of Law and a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising with a Minor in Women’s Studies.

She has been employed by industry leaders in Research & Advisory Services, Enterprise Technologies, Travel & Tourism Technologies, Defense, Government, Education, and Global IT, and Financial Services.

Torrey has created and led local and national Employee Resource Groups (ERGs).  She has chaired a Global Talent Acquisition Diversity & Inclusion Council’s Programming & Events Committee, Diversity Recruiting Councils and Global Mentorship and Leadership & Development committees.

She has given talks and moderated panels related to DEI and professional development at Per Scholas, NPower, Southern Methodist University and Penn State. She has volunteered for Rainbow Days, UNCF, Meals on Wheels, March of Dimes and Junior Achievement.

Raised in suburban Dallas, TX, Torrey enjoys thrifting for vintage treasures, writing and traveling.

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Michelle Perez

With over two decades of corporate experience, Michelle Perez is a seasoned professional and devoted advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion. Possessing a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Long Island University, Michelle’s leadership roles have cultivated a deep passion for assisting companies in identifying and retaining exceptional candidates. Born in Puerto Rico, raised in New York City, and a Texas resident since 2010, Michelle is fluent in English and Spanish, showcasing her proficiency in fostering positive relationships.

Outside her professional pursuits, Michelle indulges in plant collecting and has a keen interest in global travel.

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