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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We partner with companies and candidates to create a diverse workforce that mirrors the community they serve.
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of today’s employees are eager to work in a more diverse workplace.
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Staffing is the largest challenge for companies today.

Let us be your access to talent, which empowers your business to rise above the competition. As a small to medium-sized business, you may struggle to commit internal resources to improving your workforce diversity.

We get you past this obstacle. We supply the expertise and resources necessary to build a workforce that reflects the demographic realities of your customer base.

Our Services

The twin services of recruiting and consulting complement each other. They give you access to new sources of job candidates and guidance for elevating inclusivity at your company.


We exist to overcome the challenges that you face in your search for diverse job candidates. We bring job candidates to the interview table who represent diverse demographics full of untapped knowledge and experience.


Hiring is hard enough, and diversity hiring can feel daunting. Our expert advice takes an abstract concept and turns it into a concrete plan of action.

Why Does Workforce Diversity Matter?

Companies with inclusive and diverse workforces perform better financially.

Those in the top
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for racial and ethnic diversity have a 35% greater likelihood of higher financial returns. 

Organizations in the top
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for gender diversity enjoy a 15% better chance of higher profits compared to their peers.

Protection From Labor Shortages

Our strategies are part of solving this problem. A conscious effort to recruit more people from different backgrounds and identities increases your pool of applicants. We will extend the reach of recruiting and tap into new sources of talent.

Better Customer Relations

Researchers attribute these positive outcomes to improved relations between employees and customers. When a workforce mirrors the customer base, relatability and understanding increase on both sides of the equation.

Competitive Goods and Services

Additionally, a diverse and inclusive team has a greater capacity to produce more desirable goods or services. The multiple points of view within a diverse team translate into products that provide improvised innovation and fulfill the needs of more people.

Why Work With DEI Recruiting and Consulting?

Our credentials include a Diversity and Inclusion Certification from Cornell University, a PHR certification, and Six Sigma Green Belt certification.

We possess over 30 years of business leadership experience in hiring, training, and retention. As a result, we have built extensive networks of contacts.

Our strong public speaking and communication skills enable us to manage and grow relationships with both job candidates and companies. We leverage all of our strengths to develop workplaces into diverse powerhouses of productivity.

years of business leadership experience
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Owners and managers often express support for developing a diverse workforce but find themselves occupied by other priorities. We can move diversity and inclusion off your wish list and make it a new and profitable reality.

Reach out to DEI Recruiting and Consulting today to learn more about our services and how to become a partner with our dedicated team.

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