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You've taken an important first step by adopting diversity standards for hiring.

You've made inclusiveness a priority because a workforce with varied backgrounds and points of view will contribute more to your bottom line and long-term success.

Actually connecting with diverse job candidates, however, might prove elusive unless you know where to ask for help. Our recruiting services will help you meet your diversity, equity, and inclusion goals. When you work with DEI Recruiting and Consulting, we leverage our experience, resources, and networks to bring new voices to your interview table.

What Makes DEI Recruiting and Consulting Unique?

Diversity should be apparent at all organizational levels. By emphasizing diversity throughout a company, you eventually make yourself attractive to more job candidates and customers.

DEI Recruiting and Consulting will partner in creating a successful interviewing and hiring process to increase your diverse workforce. We spend time ensuring we have a complete understanding of each job position, skills and experience required, as well as company culture.

We will do more than just a quick screen for each candidate. DEI Recruiting and Consulting will present a package for each potential candidate that will include a resume, candidate scorecard, references, background check, and top trait testing.


Our scorecard will grade each candidate on behavioral questions for communication skills, interpersonal skills, initiative, time management, self-awareness, and specific skills needed for the open positions. We will also present with each candidate the top traits testing result page. Trait testing will give you an inside look at each candidate’s potential beyond their experience and interviewing skills.

This complete candidate package will assist you to select the candidate with the best potential, skills, and experience needed for success. 

Finally, we do not limit our recruiting efforts to senior leadership roles. Too often, diversity hiring only focuses on the top level. We happily recruit for entry-level and middle management roles as well as executives.

Our Recruiting Services

Of course, our recruiting expertise and network apply to all industries. We welcome the chance to assist any small and medium businesses with the important mission of diversity and inclusion. We want our employer clients to connect with untapped talent.


In today's competitive business environment, diversity hiring can feel burdensome because filling open jobs is hard work, to begin with. However, making the effort to increase job opportunities for anyone interested in working for you pays dividends over the long term. A reputation as a diverse workplace increases your appeal to job candidates and customers. A positive and inclusive work environment also promotes greater productivity and employee retention.


Our mutual success comes down to finding qualified people to fill open positions. By working with us, companies reveal job openings to a diverse pool of candidates who might not otherwise know about them. Many jobs get filled by people recommended by your current employees. This can strangle your chances of diversity hiring because people tend to know people like themselves. Let us break your company out of this cycle and show these "hidden jobs" to skilled candidates.

Recruiting Services

Does Your Business Need Help Recruiting the Right Candidates?

Falling short of your own diversity standards is a big sign that you need to partner with a diversity recruiting expert. We supply exceptional value because we can address the problem directly. If your previous recruiting program has proven ineffectual at meeting your goals, you have a big monetary reason to outsource the job.

When you outsource diversity recruiting, you get a fresh set of eyes on the problem. We identify where your messaging might be undermining your job postings. Our improvements coupled with our extensive contacts will unearth new people who can benefit your organization.

Let us put new strategies to work for you. You have so much to gain reputationally and financially by diversifying your workforce. Contact us at DEI Recruiting and Consulting today.

Working with us has the potential to:

  • Increase the staff retention rate
  • Find the right person for a hard- to-fill role
  • Staff up a growing company quickly
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