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Sep 30, 2022

How to Recruit and Retain Excellent Employees


There has never been a more important time than now for companies to focus on the quality of the employees they hire.

Aside from general recruitment, retaining valuable employees is essential for brand success, consistent productivity, and ideas that culturally and strategically push your business into the future.

5 Ways to Perfect Your Recruiting and Retaining Practices

When you place a microscope over your recruiting and retaining processes, it’s essential to pinpoint how your brand approaches diversity in these areas of your business.

Let’s take a look at how your business can implement DEI strategies to perfect each practice of your business.

Improve Your Job Descriptions

Opening up your job descriptions can do wonders for the potential employees you attract. Did you know that when a job has requirement after requirement listed under its qualifications, most women aren’t likely to apply unless they feel they meet every single one?

In the big picture, that’s a lot of opportunities your brand is missing out on. Remember, your job description is the gateway for a new hire into your company. Making a comfortable connection is key when you have diversity improvements in mind.

Reduce the size of the job description to just bare essential job skills and competencies. Job descriptions should “market” the company instead of just a list o job requirements.

Before your write your next job description, take a step back and ask yourself these questions:

  • What qualifications are actually needed for the job without inflating the description?
  • What type of employee currently excels in my company?
  • Does a Master’s Degree always equal a successful employee?
  • What makes me proud to employ my current team?

Once you’ve answered these questions, you’ll have a much better idea of how to word your job descriptions to make them more welcoming for those who may be wary of descriptions that rely on jargon and overly complex requirements.

Prioritize Casting a Wider Hiring Net

Once you determine minimum job essential skills and competencies, do they need specific education and degrees, or just great experience? Have you looked at a more diverse underrepresented group, such as people with disabilities or the neurodiverse?

If you’ve spent years fishing from the same pool and haven’t focused on hiring with a diversity effort in mind, you are definitely missing out on recruiting untapped talent.

One of the best ways to attract qualified, diverse talent is through expanding the hiring resources beyond your comfort zone.

Candidate referral companies like DEI Recruiting & Consulting can simultaneously help you focus on quality and diversity. We work one-on-one with qualified, experienced candidates that we can hand-pick to fulfill your specific position’s needs.

When you expand your hiring opportunities, you’ll be pleased to see your bottom line increasing, productivity improvements, and reliable team members making their mark on your brand for years to come.

Streamline Your Interview Process

Even if you claim to be unbiased during the interview process, it’s easy for inherent biases to sneak in from interview to interview.

When this happens, your brand could be missing out on the next person that could skyrocket your success.

If your goal is to improve your brand’s diversity, your interview process must reflect your unbiased position through quality hires from all backgrounds. Consistency throughout the interview process is key to creating fair comparisons between potential candidates.

We recommend leveling out the interview field by creating an interview process and a series of interview questions that every candidate receives.

Create a Culturally Comfortable Environment

New hires usually won’t feel like they have the authority to speak up and voice their opinions on office culture and practices. This is especially true with diverse and minority employees.

As an employer, you are responsible for doing your part, making new hires feel welcome, and retaining valuable talent.

From diversity-driven small groups to being open with communication and getting new candidates directly involved in important decisions, there are many steps you can take to make your company culture instantly inclusive.

Focus on Work-Life Balance

While this isn’t necessarily a diversity strategy, it will surely help you retain valuable employees from all backgrounds.

When your employees feel like they have ample time to separate their work and home life, they’ll feel more in control and content with their role in your company.

Whether you implement more work-from-home days every month, recognize cultural holidays, or allow for easy makeup hours after an appointment that interferes with work hours, your employees will appreciate the effort you put into making their private life as important as your bottom line.

Keep Your Employees Happier With DEI Recruiting & Consulting

If you are a manager or company leader ready to improve the diversity of your brand’s culture, let DEI Recruiting & Consulting experts help.

We are a team of professionals that specializes in connecting qualified candidates with medium-sized companies. Our services also help brands create a diverse workforce that encourages longevity and loyalty within their culture.

Contact us today to let us introduce you to your next star candidate.

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