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Jul 28, 2022

6 DEI Mistakes You Don’t Know Your Business is Making

DEI Mistakes Made at the Workplace

These days, most companies know that focusing on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are massive boons for long-term success.

Most companies would also say that their current practices align with DEI standards. However, according to a report from SHRM, roughly 80 percent of companies are just going through the motions and not putting effort into the workplace DEI.

If you believe your business is practicing the right DEI efforts, here are six mistakes you may not know you’re making and how a partnership with DEI Recruiting and Consulting can help.

Hit and Run Activities Approach

It’s easy for a company to get excited about DEI initiatives, but it’s even easier for these initiatives to become a one-and-done approach.

The initial momentum of including diversity initiatives is a fantastic thing. However, your brand will want to ensure that there is enough support behind the initiatives to drive momentum in the long term.

Sporadic events touching on inclusion can seem shallow and won’t garner these heartfelt activities’ attention. Rather than planning one or two DEI-based events a year, make sure to reach out to your employees about diversity and inclusion throughout the year, even if it’s just a small mention in your monthly newsletter.

Constant engagement keeps the momentum moving, resulting in a natural DEI presence in your workplace.

“What Matters is Measured”

Companies need to measure and access where they are now, and set realistic targets or goals for their future diversity efforts.

They must then regularly evaluate if they are achieving their targets and readjust their actions as needed.

Also, line-level managers or supervisors need to have DEI initiatives as part of their key performance indicators (KPIs) to ensure they are motivated to achieve their targets or goals.

Remember, “What is measured matters” to managers and supervisors. So, if your business isn’t measuring its DEI milestones, it could look like your leadership isn’t giving the initiative the full support it deserves.

Sticking to the Standard “Fix”

There isn’t one “fix” for successful DEI. Although resource groups and inclusive consultation are significant steps towards becoming a more inclusive workplace, they won’t be completely effective if you put them into place without thought.

Hosting these types of events without the right follow-up processes or resources behind them for longevity won’t build the foundation you desire.

Through support systems and regular practices, your company can truly begin to advance inclusion in your organization. DEI takes time, but you’ll succeed if you put the time into it.

Failing to Acknowledge Where Your DEI Succeeds

If you have inclusion on your mind, the chances are that you already have some successful steps in place. Trying to start from scratch and ditching what you’ve already built could be a setback.

Take some time to review your current DEI successes. If you already have some frameworks in place, start by examining where those can improve and work your way out with a new strategy.

Lack of Communication

Putting DEI initiatives into place means nothing without communication amongst your employees. People need to hear a message multiple times before it begins to set in.

So, once you have a DEI plan ready to go, continually push your messages across and ensure that your employees know the “why” behind your ideas and “how” DEI will positively impact your office.

Lack of Support from Leadership and Management

Most senior executives and managers will quickly say that diversity is essential to them. Yes, the initial statement looks great on paper. But if diversity isn’t something they actively strive to implement in their organizations, employees will quickly see through the facade and tune out when leadership makes genuine DEI efforts.

Ensure senior leadership allocates time and resources to their DE&I initiative. Success isn’t enough if it is on the website but has limited money backing training or time allocated for leadership development or resource groups.

Push Your DEI Efforts Forward With DEI Recruiting and Consulting

If you realize that you’re making these DEI mistakes on your inclusion journey, we’re here to say things will be okay. The DEI Recruiting and Consulting team specializes in helping small to medium-sized businesses implement long-term DEI strategies that help brands hire, effectively utilize, and retain valuable candidates from the diversity pool.


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